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Maternity Photographer Tampa

You are given nine months to truly appreciate the miracle of life! First, it is the confirmation that you are pregnant. How are you going to announce it, are you ready to become a parent, are you going to be as sick as your best friend or just skate through nine months of this pregnancy? Then the first sonogram, the first heartbeat, the smallest little bean shown on a piece of wrinkled-up paper. 

Next are you going to find out  the gender - you have an entire bedroom that is depending on you to design it like no other! Being pregnant is nine months of emotions- excitement, nervousness and just true happiness once you finally get to meet your newborn baby. 

We try and capture your emotions during our maternity sessions. We encourage you to bring husbands, pets, and any items that make a memory from the baby’s room. We like our maternity sessions to occur at 32-34 weeks for a first time, non-multiple pregnancy. Second pregnancy or those pregnant with twins will occur at 30 weeks. 

These are just guidelines and it truly depends on how the mom-to-be is showing  (the bigger the stomach, the better the image will show you are pregnant, but we do not want you to look swollen in the face, arms, etc.). The Milestone Program is designed to start-out with the maternity session as your first session.  

We have beautiful albums that can be made from your maternity session. We also have beautiful framed images that will truly complete your baby’s nursery.   

We will send you a complete list of items to bring your maternity session is booked with us. We really like the maternity sessions to occur at the studio, but we can also go on-location for the session. 

Suggested  locations can be at your house, a local park or the wonderful beaches of the West Coast.

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"We have been using Nicole as our family photographer since our daughter was 3 months old. She has been able to capture each stage perfectly and always has great ideas for props and location. We will be forever grateful for those memories!"

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